Why it is Important to hire an Experienced Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorney

Most individuals who attend a driver’s license reinstatement hearing in Illinois not using a lawyer commonly end up losing their case. This can create lasting problems, as any subsequent hearing will take all the findings of your first hearing into consideration. For example, in case you lay a poor basis by not persistently telling the truth, it may create lasting credibility issues with the hearing panel. For this reason, and to have the best chance at success, it is very important be represented by an Experienced Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorney who is aware of the best way to present the information of your case at the initial hearing.

To be eligible for any formal or informal hearing, your statutory suspensions should have expired. In addition, you can’t have a failure to appear on your record, outstanding fines, or anything else in your background that might conceivably stall the proceedings. You will also need have completed all prior treatment requirements on your DUI and have a new DUI evaluation with a qualified provider, licensed by the Illinois Secretary of State. In certain circumstances, you might have to receive alcohol treatment or present proof of abstinence for 12 months previous to the hearing.

Your Illinois Driving privileges are very important, don’t just hire the cheapest attorney, hire an experienced Attorney who will fight to have your driving privileges restored!


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