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Hanna & Ruud, LLC is a full-service criminal defense law firm located Downtown Moline. Founded by Attorney Steve Hanna and Attorney Jonathan Ruud, Hanna & Ruud has developed a reputation for providing friendly, quality legal counsel to visitors and residents of the Quad Cities, and the surrounding Illinois. Steve Hanna and Jonathan Ruud provide aggressive representation and fight strongly to protect the rights and interests of their clients.

The Quad Cities are a vibrant and active area. As a result of the many festivals and celebrations, many residents and visitors find themselves in trouble with law enforcement. From underage drinking, driving under the influence, to disorderly conduct, drug charges, felonies, white collar crimes, sex crimes, and resisting arrest, Hanna & Ruud, LLC can help minimize the impact of these charges on your record and wallet and reputation.

The Attorneys at Hanna & Ruud, LLC are also experienced  with expunging and sealing criminal records. We pride our firm's success record in removing the constant roadblocks a criminal conviction or arrest can cause. As a cornerstone of our firm's practice, you can be sure you will be hiring a knowledgeable and experienced Firm who will fight to restore your reputation.

Our goal is simple – through hard work, and in-depth analysis into each case – provide our clients with the best result possible. We work hard to provide our clients with an honest assessment of their case. Our Law Firm takes pride in finding solutions that are investigative and informative. When our firm starts your case, the furthest thing from mind is a guilty plea – we defend our clients with the belief that they are innocent until proven guilty, and maintain that until end result.

Our Criminal Defense law firm takes a modern approach to each case, while staying true to classic methods of advocating for our clients. We invest in cutting-edge technology and software, attending criminal defense seminars frequently, monitoring recent State and Supreme Court decisions to see if they apply to our current cases, working with forensic experts in the Criminal Defense Field (including: Doctors, former Police Officers, Chemists, and other attorneys across the nation), as well as having an extensive legal library in office. Our Criminal and DUI Defense Attorneys have also taken the same required courses law enforcement has to be certified in performing Standard Field Sobriety Tests, and other courses required for law enforcement in Driving Under the Influence (DUI/OWI/DWI) investigations. Our theory is, “if we know how to do it right, we can spot when they are doing it wrong.” By rethinking DUI and Criminal Defense, we strive to provide the best possible result through dedication, knowledge, and advocacy for our clients. We exist because we believe in quality representation, and working hard for every client that walks through our door.

Our firm offers a fully-staffed 24-hour service to provide the answers and help you no matter what time your legal issue arises.  Call to schedule a free consultation with our Quad Cities Criminal Defense Attorneys today.  When you call, you will speak with an experienced legal professional.

DUI Attorneys in Rock Island,  Illinois

Experienced DUI Attorneys  

DUI Criminal Defense Award

Our skilled Rock Island DUI attorneys are dedicated to the defense of DUI cases from first offensesDUI Criminal Defense to felony drunk driving. A driving under the influence (DUI) charge can be embarrassing and devastating to people of certain professions. The fact is, you are in trouble with the law and you need an advocate to give you straight forward advice about your case. Attorney Steve Hanna and Attorney Jonathan Ruud have handled thousands of DUI cases in Rock Island, Henry, Whiteside, and Mercer County Illinois courts, and now you get the benefit of that experience. 

You have the right to fight the DUI charges and the loss of your driver’s license. You need an experienced, dedicated Rock Island DUI attorney on your side to help mitigate the effects of this charge. We will carefully analyze the facts of your case to ensure that all applicable defenses are timely raised on your behalf. Every DUI case pits the DUI attorneys against the State's Attorney and the police. Read More


Tyler B
Tyler B
17:20 24 Nov 21
I would highly recommend this firm as they went above and beyond for what I hired them for. (Old felony sealing case)The one thing I found to be true from other reviews is the response time isn't the greatest, but in all honesty I was just patient and trusted them to do what they do and in the end I am extremely satisfied with their service.Other than that I would not take the negative reviews to heart as I can attest from personal experience that they do a great job!Thanks again!
Kelsey D
Kelsey D
17:02 11 Nov 21
John, Steve and Rebecca are hands down the best DUI attorneys and I’m am forever grateful to have chosen them to represent me. They turned what I believed to be an impossible situation into an amazing outcome. They were there 100% of the time when I had questions or concerns. Chris in the office was amazing as well. During this process I never felt left in the dark. They made sure I was fully involved in each step of the process. I truly felt like they cared about my situation and fought for me till the end. If you want hope In a hopeless situation call them you won’t regret it. I can’t thank them enough for the peace they have given me.
Christopher Box
Christopher Box
13:55 20 Mar 21
I could not believe the result that we got with Hanna and Ruud. I should've gone to jail and lost my drivers license. Somehow they were able to keep me out of jail and keep my license and keep my life! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for professional experienced lawyers. There staff was equally equipped and informative. Five stars are not enough!
Caden Hanna
Caden Hanna
16:14 19 Mar 21
I had a traffic accident and was very worried that my insurance was going to be raised. I went to Hanna and Ruud and they were able to have the ticket dismissed and expunged so that it did not affect my insurance or my driving record. I highly recommend them to anyone.
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It is Possible to Defeat a DUI or Criminal Charge
There are strategies we can use to fight a DUI or Criminal Charge which will be reliant on on the details of your case. Contact us to discuss potential defenses.
We’ve Defended Thousands of Cases
With nearly 60 years in combined experience, our successful results fighting criminal cases is a direct result of our extensive experience.
Results Count
Our aggressive attorneys are known for working relentlessly on achieving your best possible result.
Develop Your Best Defense
Our aggressive attorneys are known for working relentlessly on achieving your best possible result.
Your Timing is Critical
In Illinois you only have 15 days to save your drivers license from suspension, and 10 days in Iowa. The faster you contact us the better.
Free Case Review
We offer a free case review with a professional Criminal Defense Attorney to review and help you understand all options available to you.

Quad Cities Criminal DUI Defense Attorneys

Criminal and DUI LawyerIf you have been charged with  a DUI OWI or Traffic offense, you need an Attorney who knows and understands the nuances of the laws in Illinois and Iowa. Unlike some Attorneys, when we start your cases, the last thing we think about is a guilty plea. We review all police reports and police videos to determine if there was a sufficient reason for the stop. We also work with many renowned medical and scientific experts, who have been trained to understand the equipment and techniques used by law enforcement. Through our in depth legal research and  connections in the medical and scientific community, we have achieved some great results for our clients, including having charges dismissed, suppression of the traffic stop due to no probable cause,  not guilty by jury/bench trial, and charges reduced with no loss of driving privileges. We understand that every case is different, and our legal team does the due diligence and insures you get the due process you are entitled to!

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Hanna & Ruud, LLC Attorneys at Law has a long track record of helping clients with legal issues in the Quad Cities area. Our Illinois and and Iowa criminal defense attorneys are ready to put our legal knowledge and experience to work for local citizens and visitors who encounter legal problems in Rock Island, Henry, Scott, Whiteside, Mercer, Clinton and surrounding counties in Illinois and Iowa. Licensed in Illinois, Iowa, and Federal Courts. 

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