Aggressive DUI Defense Attorneys 

The DUI Attorneys at Hanna & Ruud, LLC are often asked this question when a client has been charged with a DUI in Rock Island County. The short answer is, “It Depends”. A police officer has to read you your rights on a DUI stop depending if you are in police custody or have been “seized” -- that is, whether you are subject to the restraints common to a formal arrest, or if you are free to go. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the police do not have to provide Miranda warnings during roadside questioning of a motorist detained pursuant to a traffic stop. Thus, roadside questioning about your drinking, drug-taking, or performance on field sobriety tests does not constitute "custodial interrogation." However, once you are arrested -- or restrained by the police in a manner consistent with arrest -- you must be read your Miranda rights.


Hiring a DUI lawyer who will aggressively defend you and will review every circumstance of a driving under the influence (DUI) arrest in Rock Island County and has decades of experience dealing with the Rock Island County judicial system and a proven record of favorable results is a serious decision.  Attorney Steve Hanna and Attorney Jonathan Ruud have successfully “quashed” or “suppressed” unlawful stops or questioning of a subject in DUI arrests


Defending client for 26 years in State and Federal Courts.   Member of National College for DUI Defense and Graduate of DUI Harvard Session.   Certified Field Sobriety Expert. Certified Breath Machine Operator for Datamaster and Intoxillyzer.   Advanced Blood and Urine seminar graduate. Suppression of more than 3000 lbs of contraband as Henry County Drug Trafficing Defense Attorney.  Success defense of hundreds of DUI and OWI cases in Rock Island, Mercer, Henry, Whiteside, Scott, Muscatine, Johnson, and Clinton Counties in Iowa and Illinois.   Successful defense in Federal Court where possession and trafficing of  hundred pounds of  marijuana resulted in immediate release from custody and probation sentence rather than prison.

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