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While everything on your criminal record may not qualify for an expungement, our firm has been successful in having past charges amended to an offense that may qualify for it to be expunged, sealed, or reduced to a lesser charge. There is nothing more important than your reputation! Expungements are designed to restore the rights of productive members of society, who may have made a mistake in their past. Whether you are seeking new employment, or even going on a first date (not to joke, but these things matter). Your Criminal record is more visible, and accessible than you may think. We have all made mistakes in life, and we are more concerned with your future than your past. In Illinois, many laws have changed over the past few years, and charges that did not qualify, now meet the guidelines to expunge or have sealed! Don't let your past dictate your future! Call us today to see if you qualify! 309.797.9000

There are a few important differences between an Expungement and having a criminal record "Sealed" . When a record gets "Sealed, " the file is labeled as "sealed" and can only be released to other law enforcement agencies. Employers and the general public will not have access to these records. When a record is "expunged,"  each law enforcement agency destroys, their records. Not all cases qualify to be expunged, multiple convictions, supervisions or arrests may affect your eligibility to have your record expunged or sealed.

Your criminal record may cause many problems in obtaining employment, professional licensing or funding for college. An individual with qualifying arrests, misdemeanor supervision and misdemeanor convictions may petition the court of their sentencing county for an expungement or a sealing of their records. Only criminal records prosecuted and maintained by the State of Illinois are affected. Federal and out-of-state convictions do not fall under the new law.

The Expungement Attorneys at Hanna & Ruud, LLC have been helping clients get there life back on track for over a quarter century. A cornerstone of our practice is the restoration of rights and the Sealing and Expungement of Criminal Records Our firm has successfully expunged or sealed felony convictions for hundreds of clients.

We have sealed or Expunged felony convictions for class X, 1, 2, 3, and 4 felonies in Illinois. Our goal is to help our clients get a passed conviction or charge, so that they can achieve their goals without the barrier of a criminal conviction holding them back. Today, more than ever, criminal records are easily accessible by employers, landlords and the general public.  Your background may be used to discriminate against you in employment, housing, education and your social life. Youthful mistakes, misunderstandings, problems in the past or criminal identity theft should not be a barrier to opportunities in life. In Illinois, there are multiple options you can use to either clear your record or allow you to overcome legal barriers created by your record.

While not everything can be sealed or Expunged, our firm has the know how to find a remedy that could help you achieve the result you are looking for!


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